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#GamerGate Hates Harassment

Too many people have been lead to believe that #GamerGate is all about harassment when instead people both for and against our movement have been harassed, threatened, and doxxed by trolls otherwise unrelated simply looking to cause problems for us by fraudulently using the hashtag.

I want to get the message out that those of us who truly support GamerGate do not support doxxing, harassment, or threats, regardless of who does it to who, or why they’re doing it. No matter how someone feels about our movement, they’re still a person who doesn’t deserve such shabby treatment. And it needs to be made clear that the people who are taking such actions under the hashtag aren’t our friends or allies, but rather trolls and mischief-makers who want to spin things away from our true purpose — removing the corruption from games journalism.

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SJWs versus SJAs: definition of terms

SJA / Social Justice Advocate: someone who works to improve things for everyone and ensure that people have equal opportunity to participate in the affairs of the world. Open to listening to opposing opinions and not afraid to debate, but first and foremost will take action rather than just bandy words. May criticize things, but won’t try to shut them down unless they’re demonstrably and actively harmful in reality. Inclusive.

SJW / Social Justice Warrior: someone who doesn’t really care about social justice or equality, but puts on an affect for it to earn brownie points and feel morally superior to those around them. Closed-minded and quick to attack those who don’t share their beliefs perfectly. Shames things they don’t like and tries to smash those things and anyone involved with them. Exclusive.

The world needs more SJAs. What it definitely doesn’t need is more SJWs. Be cool, be open minded, and try to make the world a better place for everyone.

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An alternate US-International keyboard layout

The default US-International keyboard layout for Windows isn’t exactly my cup of tea. Primarily there are issues, in my mind, with regard to composing keys, but in addition to that there are other characters I’d like to have available in a US-International layout. I put together this particular layout a few years ago, but it’s mostly just languished, occasionally shared with friends or other…

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