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Games and “open source”

There’s been a kerfluffle recently with a leaked beta of Katawa Shoujo and incessant arguments from zealous open source “pirates” that there’s nothing wrong with them distributing the beta or mods for KS based on it because the final game is under a Creative Commons license.

Guess what, fuckwads? YOU. ARE. WRONG.

First of all, the leaked beta is NOT licensed for you to download or use. The final version is licensed, but dealing with the beta is software piracy, plain and simple. Nobody but the devs have any rights to it.

Second, the particular license for Katawa Shoujo is CC-NC-ND. That is, Creative Commons - Non-Commercial - No Derivatives. That means no selling, no modding.

What makes the situation even more annoying is the sense from the OSStards that they deserve - no, they are OWED - the right to do whatever they want with their copy of Katawa Shoujo, simply because it wasn’t licensed the old-fashioned EULA way. As if 4 Leaf Studios committed the gravest sin by not releasing everything under the GPL instead, scripts and all. Most people grow out of this embarrassing sense of entitlement by the time they’re eight years old, and the bullshit that the devs are going through because of it has made one of them never want to release anything that runs on Linux again, because that community is jam packed with such demanding little children.

As someone who makes good use of open source software and enjoys seeing this, I feel ashamed for these people behaving this way, and causing nothing but headaches for the KS devs. After what I’ve seen on reddit and Twitter over this issue the last couple days makes me not want to have anything to do with the open source community ever again, because these bad apples, as few as there may be, paint all others with the same damning brush.

Rein in your crippling, idiotic zealotry, open source community, and don’t pester people who spend years of their life making you something that you enjoy simply because they don’t use a license you don’t like.

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