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Visual Novel Review on Mainstream Gamer Site


Open with a broad statement about visual novels, linking back to their Japanese origins and making generalisations about its Western audience. One such example of the previous statement is a popular game that either came out a long time ago or has received extensive press coverage. And that’s where we come to This Visual Novel by Studio which has been recently released.

Short summary of the premise making sure to highlight anything that isn’t ordinary, followed by a general statement about what that means, in case you can’t figure that out.

A longer summary of the plot thinly disguised as describing the gameplay. Careful avoidance of potential spoilers while being general enough that readers who have played the game think that the reviewer hasn’t. Despite—or perhaps in light of—this description, This Visual Novel is an enjoyable play.

A special mention that while this game has aspects that every other visual novel has, it is special because the reviewer has never encountered this many choices, that much text or an element so apparent.

General comments about the art style; praise or criticism given in proportion to how large the eyes of the characters are. Studio did a good job though and it’s partly why This Visual Novel has been picked up for review.

However, not everything about This Visual Novel is great. The length of it is too long or too short and a statement is made about the attention spans of most gamers, despite the fact they are reading this review and have already waded through paragraphs of vague praise and unspecific summaries. A note about a few nitpicky details that should have come out in editing or testing but don’t fool the seasoned eyes of this reviewer. The price is also something to note, being much to expensive because it’s in the double digits.

A one line summary of everything said so far, nothing actually lost in this shortening. Fans of the visual novel genre will want to play this game, but this review isn’t going to bring any new audiences.

Score or final grade, rephrasing what was said in the closing remarks.

This Visual Novel by Studio is available here, here and here.

Bad journalist, no coffee. (Thanks Shades for pointing this out.)

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