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Why I am not a feminist

The feminism of today is not the feminism of the past. What used to be feminism was a movement for actual equality between men and women. But since the rise of the Baby Boomer generation, equality has been pushed aside by a wave of gender-feminists bent on social and sexual superiorityover men.

Because of this, I consider myself not just an advocate for equal rights (through men’s rights activism) but an anti-feminist. Let’s get this straight:I support women’s rights.I also support men’s rights. But what I do not support is men as a class having power over women, or for that matter, women having power over men.

Part of the problem is terms. Feminism is an overloaded term. Many people still believe that feminism simply means equality-feminism (or as I call it, equalitarianism). But the mainstream feminist movement of today, co-opted by misandrist radicals, has become the gender-feminism that acts like a cult – where any dissent, no matter how minor, is something to be stamped down and where unfalsifiable “theories” with no real evidence are held up like religious truths amongst fundamentalists. Because of my experiences and those of others who I know and care about, when I hear “feminism” it is gender-feminism that comes to mind.

If you define “feminism” as the former case, where it is a movement to create gender equality so that neither men nor women are oppressed by the other, then I may be a feminist to you. But from my perspective, I am an anti-feminist. I cannot stand for the oppression of men by any means, nor do I stand for the same oppression of women. And so long as gender-feminism holds the rein of the mainstream feminist movement, I will be opposed to it, and work to ensure that men are not made into second class citizens under a fascistic “matriarchy”.

Rather than espouse “theories” that would insult any first year philosophy major, perhaps feminists should take a fresh look at themselves and ask “what am I doing to support real equality?” Ask why women aren’t seen as aggressors in domestic violence situations, even when it’s the man who is battered and bruised. Ask why men being raped is seen as a joke or the man “wanting it”. Ask why medical support for prostate cancer in social healthcare nations like Canada is almost non-existent. Why schools ignore learning and play styles for boys and demonize them, instead of building educational curricula that support both genders.

Let’s see feminism return to its roots of working towards equality between the sexes, rather than empowering one at the expense of another.

ADDENDUM:Fuck all you gender-feminists who find this laughable. I’m done dealing with your bullshit. YOU are ruining things for everyone.

I don’t always discuss equality, but when I do, I’m shouted down with “what about the menz” bullshit by radfems who can’t even support their own positions.

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