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Quark-tans! (aka the moé anthropomorphism of elementary particles)

Blame New Scientist for this. An article of theirs that I ran across today inspired me to come up with some ideas of how to turn six of the elementary particles of physics into adorable moeblobs.

So, may I present, the Quark-tans! Or, at least some simple text descriptions, since I suck horribly at art.

  • Up-chan: Cute little genki girl. She is the Emi of the quark-tans.
  • Down-chan: Sad loli moé. Like Up-chan she is small and adorable, but she is silent and withdrawn.
  • Charm-chan: Fashionable girl of the early high school variety. Perhaps a bit of an ojou-sama type?
  • Strange-chan: Odd but cute girl. Kind of like Osaka but with more chest. Around the same age as Charm-chan.
  • Top-chan: Older high school or early college. Dresses stylishly and is always in charge. She is seme to Bottom-chan’s uke.
  • Bottom-chan: Around the same age as Top-chan, but always looking up admiringly to her dear lover.

On top of this, the antiquarks would be more or less the same, but as guys instead of girls. I can already hear the squees of the the yaoi fangirls imagining Top-kun and Bottom-kun.

Since quarks are organized into generations (as are leptons, I believe) we find ourselves with three pairs of girls. In the first generation we have up and down, the quarks which give us protons and neutrons. The second generation is strange and charm quarks, and the third is made of top and bottom quarks. So, from first to third generation, we have middle-schoolers, early high-schoolers, and late high-schoolers (or early college students).

Next, of course, is determining their characters. I more or less went by their names, as there isn’t much observable behaviour for elementary particles (at least, not in any non-scientific way). So you have Up-chan, who is energetic, excitable, and happier than most non-crazy, non-drugged folks normally are, and Down-chan, who is a sad loli in snow.

Then you have in the next generation, the kogal like spoiled princess Charm-chan, and her friend/classmate/rival Strange-chan, who despite being out in space most of the time still gets a lot of male attention. And in the oldest generation, well, with names like Top-chan and Bottom-chan, who wouldn’t imagine a yuri couple? Honestly?

Since I’m busy working on Painter Story and trying to organize things in my real-world life, I don’t really have time to do much with these characters. So feel free to expand on them, add characters for the leptons and bosons, and do art of them! (Especially that last bit.) Have fun.

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