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Student disciplined for improving campus course-selection system


Timothy Arnold, a student at the University of Central Florida, produced a app called U Could Finish that automated the process of hunting for vacancies in popular courses. After the app was the subject of a popular Reddit post, the administration at UCF punished Arnold for doing this, on the grounds that it had overloaded their servers. As a persuasive presentation from Arnold and friends documents, this claim is not very plausible. Nevertheless, the project has been terminated and Arnold faces three semesters of academic probation, a paper in which Arnold must explain why what he did was naughty and why the system’s administrators are good people, and a coaching session on making good life sessions.

Hey, I know what will inspire college students to make clever and helpful things! Let’s punish them for making clever and helpful things!


…sigh. Fuckin’ Florida.

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Trying to draw my face, but I can’t do it, not even when I have a photograph of me staring back as a reference. I should line and scan in the pencil sketch tomorrow so everyone can see how horrible I am ;_;

Also I need a scanner. And a new portable hard drive. Golds plox

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The Tweets That Telus Tanked - 2009-03-17 Edition

Here’s the tweets I sent from my phone, but were never passed through to Twitter, for March 17, 2009:

2009-03-17 18:35 EDT:
I got to use the word “craic" in Table Topics, because I’m awesome like that. :)
2009-03-17 19:29 EDT:
Feeling more than a bit emotional; my last meeting as part of Toronto Go-Getters ended with a short speech thanking everyone.
2009-03-17 19:54 EDT:
Note to self: is a delegation chain any different than a breakable stack?
2009-03-17 20:32 EDT:
I might have to throw away most of my task-related code to reflect new, better model. I am not agile enough.

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