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Telus, if you offer a service to customers, make sure it actually works.

So, I’m getting burned this billing period. Why? Because Telus offers a service that notifies customers if they’re approaching their data usage cap, but says nothing (at least on their site) that it is wholly unreliable. The way it is presented on the mobility service site wouldn’t make you think that, though, so I trusted it to let me know if I was getting close to raking up additional charges (of 10¢ per megabyte).

Well, I’m now in the red, and not a single message was sent letting me know. Not days ago when I crossed the 75% mark, not yesterday when I crossed the 95% mark, nothing at all. And while the customer service representative I talked to was apologetic about it, she stated that the data notifications service cannot be relied on by customers.

Well, if that’s the case, why offer it at all? I mean, besides to give customers a false sense of security, making it easier to rip them off.

Telus, if you are offering a service that affects how customers use your paid services, and it doesn’t work, you are fucking with their finances. And if you do so in a way that actually results in a customer dropping money into a pit, like with not letting customers know that the servicedoesn’t workuntil they call and complain about it, you are at best negligent and at worst criminally fraudulent. And don’t think your customer agreements protect you — those are contracts and contracts can be tossed out by judges at their whim in court.

You are fucking us over, Telus. And if enough of us lose money because of shit like this, you better expect a nice big class action to give you a PR black eye and a decent chunk of cash gone to legal fees and remuneration for the customers you’ve been ripping off. Either fix your data notifications service, get rid of it completely, or expect us in court.

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